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About Us

We are an E-commerce marketplace with a desire to help cultural brands to market their products both locally as well as globally.

But why should you choose EdaBeran.com? 

EDABERAN is derived from the Kayan language, which means “Underneath the Tree of Life”. It refers to a huge tree that provides endless yields and life to all living beings surrounding it. And that is exactly what edaberan.com strives to achieve. Our goal is to provide endless opportunities to all cultural brands worldwide in order to showcase their products all around the world! 

What makes us different? Well, we are more than just another ordinary E-commerce website.

We believe that each product sold on our platform holds a beautiful story yet to be told. With that in mind, edaberan.com gives emphasis on products that are exclusive and cultural, yet still retaining its deeper meaning and traditional value. 

With this website, we hope to help build the community by providing a platform for these cultural brands to showcase their products in a global market.

Thus, we hope to provide you with exclusive, cultural products online, all accessible on our website! 

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